Lie of the century?

Poorly Maintained Levees

It wasn’t “Katrina’

The century is still young and the Bush-Bama administration were such masters of lying its hard to pick one…Iraq…9/11…the “healthy: economy…swine flu

But one of the most amazing – and vicious – lies of all time has to be that Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans.

Amazing because it flies in the face of all evidence and eye witness accounts.

Vicious because it removes the liability (and thus the potential of compensation) from the guilty party, the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Changing public opinion after a well-crafted and heavily promote lie has made its way around the world is on of the hardest things on earth to do, but if you stick with it long enough, you can do it.

Last week, as the result of a relentless, grass roots campaign, a judge finally agreed: It wasn’t Katrina that devastated New Orleans, it was the systematic failure of the multi-billion dollar tax payer federal levee system.

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