Life in San Bernardino

Published November 2015

Social meltdown

How do you run 24/7 coverage of San Bernardino and fail to make reference to the social meltdown that’s taken place there in recent years?

The city is bankrupt, the corruption is epic, it’s the second poorest large city in the US, the murder rate is up over 50%, and drastically reduced police and fire protection is very slow to respond to emergencies.

Read that last line again: “…very slow to respond to emergencies.” You can verify this by doing your own search of life in pre-attack San Bernardino.

How long did it take police to respond to reports of mass shooting at the Inland Center?

Just four minutes.

Then the floodgates opened and the area was inundated with heavily armed police with all sorts of specialized vehicles and gear.

How does a city and region that normally can barely function muster such a big and largely organized force out of the blue with no warning or preparation?

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