Medical ethicists and other medical frauds

Another weapon in the Pharma take over of medicine

The parallels with Nazi medicine are clear and abundant

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My out-of-date spell checker doesn’t recognize the word “medical ethicist.”

That’s because it’s a relatively new profession – but now they’re

Guess who conceived, funded and completely colonized this new profession for its own benefit?

Christine Grady, Tony Fauci’s wife, and the government’s #1 BioEthics thought leader.


1. Every CoVid vaccine not approved by the FDA – and that’s all of them – is by definition experimental. None of them have completed their safety trials and if normal procedures are followed can’t and won’t for years.

2. To advocate for an experimental procedure without clearly disclosing the fact of its experimental status in every communication on the subject is a form of deceit and coercion and strictly prohibited by the Nuremberg Code.

3. Every “public health” professional, government official, celebrity, news media idiot, and yes, even medical ethicist engaged in this behavior is violating the Nuremberg Code.

4. Christine Grady, wife of Tony Fauci, is head of bioethics and human experimentation standards for NIH and the “thought leader” of the medical ethicist profession.

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