Meet the End-of-the-World Whack Jobs who are cheering the carnage in Gaza

“They skip over 2,000 years of history and the New Testament”

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Currently, 60% of Israelis polled think their government should be killing *more* Palestinians.

2% think the killing should stop.

The rest of then are fine with the current level of killing.

These are some sick, sick people.

Even more alarming is the number of whack-job US “Christians” who think Israel should be supported so that the Jews can re-establish a kingdom on earth so that it can be destroyed so that Jesus can come back.

I am not making this up. Feel free to fact check me on this.

Bottom line: There are *more* “Christians” in America that believe this insanity than there are total people living in Israel and they support the killing 100%.

What do you do with such people?

Here is a kindly Palestinian Christian who patiently explains the New Testament to them.

Genocide in Gaza: The Evidence

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