Message for free people

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. addresses anti-lockdown demonstrators

October 24, 2020

Last Saturday, there were mass rallies in Argentina; Bolivia; Peru; Uruguay; Italy; Germany; Poland; Belgium; Netherlands; United Kingdom; Ireland; Sweden; Denmark; France; and Austria.

The topic?

The disease we cannot name in email, but can on a private website: CoVid.

One mystery though: I have been trying to get in touch with Kennedy’s organization for over two years about information of mutual interest.

We have complete documentation of an organized group of pharma-supported trolls who harass families with autistic children and their health care practitioners.

His staff has shown zero interest and are barely even polite about it. A strange position for people who work for an organization called “Children’s Health Defense.”

Also, we made this film which ends Fauci’s career and the whole CoVid Con, but despite dozens of acts of outreach on our part, we can’t get acknowledgement from this organization that it exists.

Yet, they go on and on down the blind alley of “the Wuhan lab.”

I really don’t get it. Maybe someone there will wake up.

I doubt Kennedy is “controlled opposition,” but he may well be surrounded and “assisted” by people who are.

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