Missionary Tactics

Program length – 10:00

“In the name of the the Lord…”

Are there good Christians?

Of course, but they need to wake up and confront what’s being done in their name.

This topic – the use of “Christianity” for political purposes – is banned from the news media in the US. In fact, this video has had a lot of trouble staying up on YouTube.

To go deeper into these nefarious practices and who is behind them, try to find a copy of the the book “Thy Will Be Done” by Gerard Colby.

As in Iraq now, and in the New World during its colonization, “missionary” crooks are sent in, sometime with military help and sometimes without, to soften up the hearts and minds of indigenous people and make them easier to conquer.

Separating children from their families, creating social divisions, psychological and sometimes even biological warfare are the tools used.

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