More important than the Super Bowl

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There are things more important than the Super Bowl…

Yes, I know. It’s sacrilege.

But the Question of the Age – for New Orleans at least – is this:

Is the perpetuation of the inept and corrupt criminal enterprise known as the US Army Corps of Engineers more important than the physical survival of New Orleans?

The issue really is that stark.

I’ve never been prouder to stand by someone: Dr. Ivor Van Heerden.

Van Heerden continues, at great personal expense, to insist that the Corps (and their enablers at LSU) tell the truth about why New Orleans flooded in 2005.

For the full story: Ivor Van Heerden, the Corps, and LSU

Note: If you question my categorization of the Corps as a criminal enterprise, they crossed that line when they applied pressure on LSU to censor and ultimately fire Professor Van Heerden for telling the scientific and engineering truth about the New Orleans levee failures.

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