Obama shamelessly shills for the Israeli war party

Program length – 3:20

What a disgrace

“How did they get in? We’re not supposed to be asked real questions”

I’m sure that’s the question Obama and Biden were asking themselves as Obama fumbled for an answer to this very simple and very patriotic question.

His pathetic response speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

The State of Israeli stole and continues to steal Palestinian lands.

In the process, it has dislocated, marginalized and outright killed hundreds of thousands of people.

It enforces this criminal enterprise by the continuous harassment and brutalization of Palestinian people, young and old, male and female.

The only way it is able to run its Nazi-like occupation of Palestinian lands is with the ongoing financial and military support of the United States and to keep that support coming it pays off and blackmails everyone involved in national US politics.

Any US politician who supports the Israeli war party’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands is a traitor to the US. Period. End of story.

Yes, we’ve had a lot of traitors in the White House and Congress over the years and you don’t need to look at the Palestinian situation to know that. Just look at the state the country is in.

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