“Oh Dear”

Confusion will be our epitaph

The creation and celebration of confusion

According to filmmaker and former BBC reporter, Adam Curtis, a new system of political and social control is emerging. This, he argues can be seen by the recent merging of conceptual arts and politics in the visual world of corporate media and the Internet. The perception management of yesterday is now a 24/7 Alice in Wonderland visual appearance and reality.

The new cyber control of what is ‘appearance’ and what is ‘reality’ relies on the creation of confusion in the minds of people with the consistently present question: “What is now fake and what is now real” in a reality so managed and controlled by the uber-elites, their canopy of media outlets and their corporate control of the mind?

Nothing is what it seems; the Orwellian world is here, and confusion and uncertainty is now the plan of a ruthless, global elite.

The vaudeville of contradictions in corporate news reporting and commercialized commodified culture that pounds us daily, results in the inability for many to fathom a coherent narrative to the history we are living and the lies we are being told. And this, of course, is the plan: bask the public in confusion.

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