Oil, Nazis, Professional Propagandists

The persistence of the Third Reich

The foot soldiers from the JFK assassination to the CoVid Con

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A very deep dive into the connections between the assassination of JFK, the great CoVid Con, and the persistence of the Third Reich.

Names named. Indisputable history revealed.

We start at an unlike place: Wired Magazine.

This is a complicated story and you can’t tell the players without a program

Who was accused of killing John F. Kennedy?

Lee Harvey Oswald

Who was inexplicably the best buddy to Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas the year of the killing?

Oil engineer and multi-millionaire George de Mohrenshildt

Who did George de Mohrenshildt work for decades?

Standard Oil (Rockefeller) attorney and CIA Director Allen Dulles

Who did Allen Dulles do extensive business with?

Czarist-era Russian oil families like the de Mohrenshildts and the Negropontes

Who was one of the editorial leaders at Nicholas Negroponte-financed Wired Magazine?

Shell Oil company operative, Rockefeller “Lock Step” Scenario author, and SalesForce.com Vaccine Cloud “futurist” Peter Schwartz

Who else at Wired was a key figure in promoting baseless, non-scientific virus terror?

Larry Briliant, Wired veteran, Chief Virus Fear Monger and consultant to the DNC

Who is Peter Schwartz’s current employer?

Marc Benioff, founder of SalesForce.com

Who is Marc Benioff’s guru?

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, one of the top promoters of the CoVid

Schwab: “The Pandemic represents a rare of narrow window to reflect, reimagine, and reset out world.”

Benioff and Klaus Schwab + the CEOs of Black Rock and Bank America and and on the same panel at Davos

A very important book that shields important new light on the Oil-Dulles connection to the JFK Assassination

Additional Brasscheck references

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