One cop’s idiocy costs UC Davis

$1 million

Plus $1 million in government scams

In addition to the $1 million that will be given to the assaulted students, various government and university crooks (UC is a branch of the State of California) spent another $1 million “investigating” the incident.

They make money coming and going no matter what happens.

I’m not crazy about where the Young Turk went with this story…but they were among the first to report it and seemingly the first to get the video online.

By the way, THIS is how to run a protest: total silence (see the below):

Making the crooks walk a completely silent gauntlet while being photographed. Even a “Good German” sociopath is going to feel uncomfortable with that and it gives the Gestapo nothing to react to. Perfect. Should be repeated daily in every city and town in America. Discipline. Intelligence.

(Of course, the news media had to disturb the peace with their inane questions, but that’s to be expected.)

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