Parallels between Nazi and US medicine

Very similar structures

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We first posted this on July 15, 2020

Parallels between Nazi and US medicine.

No one wants to say it, so I will.

There are specific similarities between Nazi era “medicine” under Hitler and how US medical testing ethics has “evolved” – especially under Tony Fauci and his wife Christine Grady.

What is Christine Grady’s job?

NIH. Chief, Bioethics. Head, Section on Human Subjects Research. Rubber stamper of all of Tony Fauci’s “rushed” drug and vaccine development campaigns.

Notes to myself for future research.

Some facts:

1. In Hitler’s Germany, the professional group that had the largest percentage of Nazi Party membership was medicine.

2. After the Nazis removed Jewish doctors from their positions in hospitals and universities, their jobs were taken over by politically oriented scientists and physician opportunists.

3. Nazi medicine, which included much sadistic human experimentation, was not the product of a few misguided individuals. It was the norm.

4. Doctors who carried out atrocities were not ostracized. It was the doctors who upheld the ethics of medicine who were ostracized.

Fauci & Friends have created a medical science system that has shares four very important features of the Nazi system

1. Only researchers who adhere to the ever-shifting Fauci party line – whatever it may be at the time – are employable

2. Accomplished scientists who refuse to go along with the Fauci agenda of the day have been and continue to be marginalized and financially driven from the profession

3. There has been a steady erosion in medical ethics especially as it relates to the testing and use of pharmaceutical products and vaccines.

4. Normal medical practice is suspended and the deliberate falsification of records, including death certificates, becomes normal practice.

Example: AZT, a highly toxic substance known to be a carcinogen and mutagen, was approved via blatant fraud and given to millions including people with no symptoms based on disagnostic tests of dubious reliability.

Whereas the Nazi’s used a “sledgehammer” approach, simply compelling prisoners to undergo poisoning in the name of “science,” Fauci & Friends take paint to lay the public relations foundation to make their schemes seem not only reasonable but humanitarian.

They are anything but.

Fauci has essentially used US tax dollars to convert the poor in Africa into a vast pool of subjects for reckless human experimentation based on garbage science ultimately for the benefit of pharmaceutical profits.


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