Pilots doubt 9/11 story

The Big Lie exposed

“Physically impossible”

Hitler boasted about the power of his “Big Lie” Theory.

His thesis was that while most people tell small lies, the idea of telling a massive lie is unthinkable and therefore the average person can’t imagine anyone else doing it.

Therefore, Hitler posited that telling Big Lies, the more outrageous the better is not only effective, it’s practically fool proof.

Keep this in mind as you reflect on the content of this video.

Who actually saw the planes hits the Twin Towers and what did they actually see?

The fact is all the video of the event is suspect at best. We see jetliners that structurally are nothing more than aluminum tubes slice through thick steel girders like butter. We see wings that should have sheared off beyond a shadow of a doubt penetrate the building.

Experienced pilots have come out again and again and said the feats performed by the “Al Qaeda Hijackers” were beyond the ability of any pilots let alone amateurs who’d never flown aircraft like that before.

This video is a collection of pieces that address the “planes” and it starts off with comments from John Lear, the one of the inventor of the Lear Jet who at the time of this recording was 65 years old and had over 19,000 of flight time over 40 years with over 100 different kinds of aircraft.

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