Politically motivated police violence in the US

Why police states are a bad idea

This is common police behavior at political protests in the US

Police violence at political protests in the United States is common.

It is also virtually never accurately reported. This CNN report is the exception to the rule. What makes this case so unique is that the police officers in question showed the remarkable bad judgement of videotaping their comments about the attacks.

Not all police officers and police departments in the US behave this way, but in most big cities it’s not hard to find police officers willing to commit acts of violence and intimidation against non-violent demonstrators.

Acting ethically as a law enforcement officer requires a tremendous amount of integrity and personal courage. Many people with these characteristics are either driven out of law enforcement or avoid serving on some of the more notorious forces like San Franciso or Miami.

Giving police officers a “blank check” to do what they want without active legal oversight is to invite societal disaster.


1. Seattle

2. San Francisco

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