Pro-Israeli New Yorkers endorse a “final solution”

Program length – 3:54

These are Israel’s supporters
in its war of “self-defense”

Jewish-American Max Blumenthal visits a rally of pro-war Israel supporters in New York City to get the pulse of the crowd.

Thanks to Max, we get to hear the deep thoughts of the people who make up the backbone of pro-Israeli sentiment in the US.

These people are a disgrace to America, to Judaism, even to Israel, but it’s the politicians who are the most despicable for pandering to these mental cases, namely New York’s governor and NY senator Chuck Schumer.

In case it needs to be said again, there are many Jews like Max, in America, in Israel, and elsewhere who oppose the attack on Gaza – but good luck hearing about them from the US news media.

Let’s see…

Israel created Hamas…they’ve enforced a year long plus blockade on all goods including food and medicine to Gaza…and now they accuse the Palestinians of building tunnels to smuggle in arms and use that as an excuse to bombard civilians.

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