Propaganda USA

An interview with Christopher Simpson

Filmed in the 1980s

Books by Christopher Simpson

The Splendid Blond Beast: This groundbreaking investigation into the CIA’s post – world War II liberation and recruitment of Nazi war criminals – including the pivotal role played by CIA director Allen Dulles – races the roots not only of US government malfeasance, but of mass murder as an instrument of financial gain and state power, from the Armenian genocide during World War I to Hitler’s Holocaust through the practice of genocide today.

Blowback: The true story of how US intelligence organizations employed Nazi war criminals in clandestine warfare and propaganda against the USSR, anticolonial revolutionaries, and progressive movements worldwide that were claimed to be Soviet pawns.

Science of Coercion: Drawing on long-classified documents from the Pentagon, the CIA, and other national security agencies, Simpson exposes secret government-funded research into psychological warfare and reveals that many of the most respected pioneers in the field of communication science were knowingly complicit as their findings were employed for the purposes of propaganda, subversion, intimidation, and counterinsurgency during the Cold War era.

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