Putin’s claim

$400 million stolen from Russia and given to the Clintons”

Bill Browder and the Magnisky Act

If you watched the Trump-Putin press meeting you heard a lot of hot air, during and after.

One thing jumped out at me: Putin’s claim that a US venture capitalist Bill Browder stole over $1 billion from Russia and gave $400 million to the Clintons.

Did ANY news outlet -right or left – follow up on that?

No – but Brasscheck did.

What’s the deal?

Bill Browder wrote a book called “Red Notice” that accuses Russian internal police and others related to Putin of murdering a Russian lawyer to cover up a theft by them and their cronies.

The film “The Magnitsky Act. Behind the Scenes'”challenges this version of events.

Strangely, this film is being censored heavily and the film maker is being attacked by the press throughout Europe.

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