Putting a target on the back of Occupy

A Wall Street/FBI/DHS collaboration

No warning to Occupy leaders

Fletcher Prouty made it clear…

You don’t have to actively kill a political figure, you just have to remove security at the critical time.

Thus, the Secret Service non-protection of John F. Kennedy in Dallas and the fact the Los Angeles Police didn’t have a single officer at the Ambassador Hotel the night that Robert F. Kennedy was killed.

Then there is the fact that the FBI knew that sketchy Saudis were taking flight training in Florida and Minnesota, but ignored the reports of its own field agent and let them proceed.

Then there is Occupy, the movement that spoke to the American people’s outrage over the multi-trillion scam that was the Wall Street bailout. Wall Street partners kept all the money they stole from the markets and citizens were given the bill to clean up the damage.

Here’s the punchline:

The FBI knew that the leaders of Occupy Houston were being targeted for assassination – and did not warn them.

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