Remembering George “blood up to his elbows” Bush

“May his many victims rest in peace”

Jimmy Dore reads comments

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At last, George H.W. Bush is gone.

The destruction he and his criminal family wreaked on the world continues.

When you’re rich and healthy and ambitious and have a lot of support, you can accomplish a lot of evil.

That’s George H.W. Bush’s life in a nutshell.

A lifelong CIA agent, he was friendly with ultra right Cuban drug dealers/assassins.

He appears to have been directly involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and was a major operative in the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba among countless other things.

He essentially controlled the White House from 1980 until 2016 (and he managed to get his Supreme Court pick “Bart” Kavanaugh on the bench under Trump.)

Reagan was senile and left all the work to him.

Bush of course was president for a term.

His errand boy in illegal drug and arms dealing, Bill Clinton, had two terms.

His idiot son, run by Bush lackey Dick Cheney, had two terms.

Obama received a personal visit from father and son early in his presidency and proceeded to operate just like the Bushes: creating a friendly climate for endless war and widespread banking fraud.


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