Risk-free “medical” marijuana?

Mass commercialization of a bad idea

Read the warning label

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1. The cannabis plant should NEVER have been federally regulated

2. Its regulation was a scam engineered by Hearst, DuPont and some redundant Prohibition cops who needed an excuse to continue to harass people as a career

3. All laws related to the plant should be scrapped – not de-criminalized, not legalized – and scrapped entirely. It makes as much sense to regulate cannabis as it does to regulate dandelions.

4. THAT SAID, the public should be made aware of the fact that there this NOTHING healthy about smoking cannabis and that like ANY substance with medical effects, you need to know what you are getting into when you consume it.

5. Instead of being educated about the plant, the public, especially the young, are being stampeded by the greedy and the moronic (government and media) into what is sure to be seen as a public health catastrophe when this things gets its legs.

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