Scenes from the Family Court gulag

Children are the victims

A cash cow for the court

Black Americans are creating their own media.

It may not always be as polished as CNN, but it’s more honest and it’s more relevant to what’s actually impacting people’s lives.

Do you ever see new coverage about the massive abuses that take place in Family Court every day all over the country?

If you’ve aware of this system, have you ever given thought to why it’s operated the way it is?

Just like in Ferguson, MO and thousands of other places in the US where “law enforcement” is run as a revenue generation scheme, Family Courts are run on the same principles with children as the victims.

One of the realities of so-called Family Court is that a judge becomes the person who decides the fate of of your children – not you and not
you spouse.

If you’re a man – black, white, or in between – that’s bad news and it’s bad news for children and this video shows why.

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