Seattle cop loses his job

He spoke up against police abuses justified by CoVid

Covid police abuses are a nationwide phenomenon

Seattle cop loses his job.

He spoke up against police abuses justified by CoVid.

Covid police abuses are a nationwide phenomenon.

A Special Forces combat veteran educates his Officer Friendly/Rambo colleagues about what life is like when people start shooting back and mean it.

It’s a little different than surrounding an unarmed person with your buddies and beating him down.

Hint #1: That’s not combated.

Hint #2: The US has more small arms and more skilled riflemen, many of them combat experienced, than anyplace on earth.

Hint #3: There are a whole lot more of them than you and no small number of them can shoot your eyes out at 100 yards. Many of you can barely hit a paper target during your infrequent trips to the range.

The warning this man issued should not be taken lightly.

There are over 300 million Americans. It would take less than .0001% of them under arms and pissed off to disrupt the “risk-free” life of abuses of power.

Recall that it took only one Army sniper to keep the Washington DC area on edge for weeks. And he was targeting civilians.

The US has created a lot of trained, armed men with nothing to lose.

And there are growing numbers of people who would cheer them on if they selected their targets with discretion.

A word to the wise.

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