Secrets of the Mexican drug trade

Smugglers escorted by government officials
across the border right into the US

Mexican government is in, up to their nostrils

A young Bill O’Reilly, during his days as a reporter in the 1990s, exposed the collaboration between drug runners and the Mexican government.

O’Reilly interviews an Arizona border county sheriff, who expresses frustration not only in the total lack of Mexican governmental cooperation in drug cases, but in being able to see the Colombian planes filled with cocaine land on Mexican airstrips just over the border, but not being able to stop them from coming into the U.S.

The sheriff confirms that Mexican authorities didn’t just look the other way – they were known to have escorted smugglers across the US border. This, of course, explains the lack of government cooperation in helping to stop drug trafficking!

Of course police and soldiers help drug runners – it was and is a known fact that Mexican police & soldier salaries are terrible, making them ripe for bribery.

Also interviewed is former DEA agent Mike Levine, who discusses the sting that netted the army colonel grandson of a former Mexican president. He met them, in the U.S, in full military uniform, signaling that he was there on official business with the backing of his government.

Eventually, their cover was blown, purposefully, by US Attorney General Ed Meese when he informed the Mexican AG of their operation. The Mexican AG was, incidentally, under investigation by the DEA. Hmmm…at any rate, the army colonel is serving time in a U.S. prison – but clearly nothing has changed and the Mexican drug war has only escalated since, taking thousands of lives in the process.

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