Skewering Hillary

Derailing the bandwagon

The more the merrier

No matter how hard the news media try to keep articulate Hillary Clinton critics off the air and failing that attack their arguments against Hillary Clinton, the voices keep coming through.

In this case the news media stooge running interference is Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo is the brother of the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo who may be just weeks away from indictment for the fraud machine he runs out of Albany.

Andrew Cuomo has also recently ordered that groups that support a boycott of Israel for its abuse of Palestinians be blacklisted and banned from doing any business with the State.

Did you catch Cuomo’s sarcastic comment when asked why the news media has ignored Bernie Sanders:

“Well, he’s got his own hashtag”

His other gem:

“So you’re saying money is a problem (in politics)?”

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