Smoking Gun: It’s official policy to protect bad cops

“We don’t want to ruin their dreams”

Built into contracts nationwide

We kind of knew something like this was going on and now at last we have the smoking gun.

Bad cops are protected by municipal contract in hundreds of cities across the US.

This is not good for good cops and it’s terrible for the population.

Make sure that you understand these two points:

1. Like child molesting Catholic priests, bad cops are PROTECTED in this case by contracts that allow their records of criminality to be hidden.

2. This has been going on for years and it was only the result of hackers who accessed one of these municipal contracts that we have this information.

Hey, I’m not advising anyone to hack or do anything illegal, but guess what? If you look into the contracts of NEWS REPORTERS you will find that they agree not to disclose anything they learn on the job if they are told to keep it secret.

How do I know?

In 1997, an unarmed and entirely peaceful young woman was savagely beaten by a San Francisco police officer and the entire event start to finish was caught by a network news videographer.

We got his name.

When I asked him why the dramatic footage did not show that night or ever he told me by contract he was required to turn the footage over to his superiors, make no copies of it, and not discuss the matter further.

You can read one person’s report of this event here:

See all the reporting here: 

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