Speaking of scientific frauds

“Climate change”

One of the great cover story/distractions

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Speaking of scientific frauds…

Does climate change? Of course it does.

Does human activity contribute? No doubt.

Is the rest of the Doomsday certainty certain?

Not so fast.

The truth is “climate change” (they used to call it “climate warming”) is a cover story that actually enables massive industrial pollution.

When is the last time you’ve seen anyone march against THAT?

It’s been years and years. Decades in fact. Instead, all of the attention has been placed, quite deliberately, on the hopelessly vague issue of “climate change.”

Here’s how it works…

Step One: Take a real problem like savage economic imbalance and out-of-control political corruption.

Step Two: Collapse it into a single issue like “Black Lives Matter” and “Trump” and make THAT the issue so the real issues can go unaddressed.

In fact, “climate change” has weakened the environmental movement in the same way that endless BLM marching and Trump bashing has give a “free pass” to a corrupt political and economic system.


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