Special Report – Mandalay

From Truthstream Media

Is this Michael Chertoff & Co. at work?

An excellent report on the significance of the Mandalay incident from one of our favorite sources: Truthstream Media.

How much money can be made selling metal detectors and back scanner x-rays if they are required in EVERY public place like hotels?

Many billions of dollars.

Some facts:

1. The CEO of Mandalay is also a member of the Homeland Security Advisory group.

2. The news media is currently flooding the public mind with the idea that hotels and other public places need metal detectors and x-ray machines.

3. Guess who CNBC put on the news less than 24 hours after the shooting?

The CEO of the Chertoff Group who promoted screening technology.

4. Apparently, Wynn Casinos has already started scanning guests.

A video Brasscheck TV made about Chertoff and his scams.

Note the recent price action of the stock of one of the scanner companies that Chertoff shills for – OSI.

It had bottomed out right before the pre-9/11 4chan warning online and then started a steady ascent right through and beyond the Mandalay shooting.

A $10 move per share in less than three weeks on what was an $82 stock.

Here is another company – FLIR – that also makes scanning technology and is affiliated with Chertoff.

Same pattern.

It shot straight up after the pre 9/11 announcement.

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