Special Report: The video poker cover story

The media repeats nonsense without research

Betting $1 million a day? Not likely

The media story is that Las Vegas shooter made his lavish living from real estate investments and playing lots of video poker…

Media claim: He made $5 million in one year…betting up to $1 million a day…all the while being comped by fancy hotels.

Has ANY news media outlet invested even 5 seconds into checking out the reality of such an extreme story?

We did.

How much can you make?

$100,000 a year – if you’re really, really, really good. Among the top 1%.

Conclusion of professional gamblers: “It’s a tough grind.”

So how did the Law Vegas shooter make so much money at it?

Maybe he did

More in depth on this subject (kind of boring – but you can see that the idea of making a lavish living at it is a loser’s pipe dream.):

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