Standing Rock and New Orleans

The missing link

Danger: US Army Corps of Engineers at work

While the mainstream news media keeps TV viewers focused on the “conflict” in the Dakotas, the real villains are hiding safely off stage.

A hint about their identity: They almost succeeded in destroying a major America city 11 years ago.

I’m talking of course about the US Army Corps of Engineers whose careless, sloppy work on the New Orleans levee system almost succeeded in destroying that city. In fact, “sock puppet” trolls employed by the Corps went on discussion boards all over the world posing as citizens saying the city should be bulldozed.

Now, the Corps has created another travesty.

The EPA said that the Dakota pipeline plan was too dangerous and disapproved it.

That didn’t stop the Corps. They went right ahead and permitted it.

Local people are up in arms about this reckless plan as well they should be. In the process they are not only defending their own water, but every community downstream of the point where this ill advised pipeline crosses the Missouri River.

The Corps can stop this madness with the push of a button. So can President Obama.

Instead, they’re going to see if the “police” in North Dakota will succeed in beating down the unarmed, peaceful protestors who are putting their bodies on the line to protect their homes.

A thoroughly disgraceful episode in American history – and the US Army Corps of Engineers is behind it.

Taking action

If you’d like to contact the Corps and express your opinion, please do so and, of course, be polite and professional.

Talking points:

1. You strongly disagree with the Corps’ decision to ignore the EPA’s rejection of the course the Dakota Pipeline is taking.

2. You’re aware that an earlier proposed course for the pipeline near the city of Bismark, North Dakota was deemed too dangerous.

3. You believe that the Corp’s permitting of the pipeline’s course is against the interests of the American people.

4. You want the permit rescinded now and permanently and for all construction and staging on Corps lands to stop immediately as well as all the brutality and violence against peaceful, unarmed demonstrators at the site.

5. You want the Corps to put the long term interests and the security of the US ahead of its relationship with oil companies and other commercial interests.



Jo-Ellen Darcy
Asst Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)
108 Army Pentagon
Washington DC 20310-0108

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