Strategy of tension

Government sponsored terror

How it worked in Italy

Originally, it was a war against “godless communism” – and that justified governments getting into the terrorism business.

Then it became a political war against political parties the right wingers didn’t like.

In Italy, the targets were civilians, women, children, the innocent.

Bombings of train stations, shootings at supermarkets, kidnappings – all carried out by fascist covert action teams sometimes funded and aided by the CIA.

The goal? To get the population to reject socialist parties and embrace a “strong” i.e. right wing government.

What’s the goal in the US today?

Hard to say exactly beyond to destabilize civilians and create fear while making the “first responders” – agents of the government – trusted heroes (even when their cowardice and ineptitude contributed nothing.)

The attacks are almost like a demographic “greatest hits” tour:

– Shopping mall movie theater in Colorado
– Suburban school in Connecticut
– Black church in South Carolina
– Gay night club in Florida
– Social Security office in Central California
– Country and Western concert in Nevada
– And, now most recently, a rural church in Texas

It’s like someone is checking off all the demographic bases. It’s all just a little too pat.

Every one one of these stories have had massive anomalies which are ignored by the CIA-controlled US news media.

If it looks like a skunk and smells like skunk, it probably is a skunk.

Would a government that launches needless wars based on lies that they know will kill tens to hundreds of thousands of innocent people have any moral qualms about killing a few people here and there to advance their agenda?

Probably not.

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