Strong evidence OJ didn’t do it

…But he knows who did

Serial killer worked for Nicole Simpson

Some fact about this case:

1. There were two different sets of shoe prints at the bloody crime scene

2. The brother and sister of a convicted serial killer both say their brother told them he was working for Nicole Simpson – before the murders took place. The brother said “she’s rich and I’m going to take her down” just before the murders.

3. He said he did it

So why was he never tried for the crime?

Another piece of evidence…

Just days after the crime, this indigent drifter mailed his mother a very expensive piece of jewelry, a gold angel holding a diamond. Later, he told his brother in a letter it was from “that Brentwood situation.” Nicole Simpson had an extensive collection of angel-themed jewelry.

Interesting background note:

As a young man developing his pattern of crime which included murdering people, he worked as a confidential informant for local police in drug cases.

Chalk up another victory for the War on Drugs.

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