Surprise, Kill, Vanish

A book by Annie Jacobsen

“All of the presidents since Truman have used this tool (assassination)”

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A detailed history – and glorification – of the CIA’s assassination department.

Yes, despite all BS to the contrary it’s real.

By being an “insider”, Jacobsen gets a lot of very good information.

That said, she is quite skewed in her reporting.

For example she fails to mention the CIA murder of Rafael Trujilo, Patric Lumumba, and Salvador Allende. Legal leaders of sovereign countries who posed no risk to the United States.

She also makes the ridiculous statement that it was legitimate to murder Che Guevara because “he advocated nuclear war.”

She goes on to make the absurd assertion that these kinds of murders “prevent war.”

Then there’s the issue of the murders of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Thomas Merton.

A good question about all this is raised by an audience member at 42:45. The author is politely dismissive of it.

Fun facts:

1) The CIA’s largest base is in New York City.

2) Everything the president orders is legal according to the “right of self defense.”

3) These kind of murders are escalating.


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