SWAT team, wrong house

Happens every day of the week

Vicious morons, armed and dangerous

Million dollar question:

Why are events like this which happen every day of the week not made into national issues?

Think deeply on that one.

What could possibly be more disturbing than heavily armed, poorly supervised thugs breaking into people’s houses in the middle of the night with guns drawn and being so irresponsible, reckless and inept that they can’t even get the address right?

Yet, events like this happen every day of the week all over America.

Why aren’t they getting national attention?

Because the State doesn’t want anyone to question the existence of a large, militarily armed, corruptible and fundamentally stupid group of gun thugs that they have at their disposal for any task they might ever want them to do.

If one individual cop shoots an innocent person at a routine traffic stop that’s OK to publicize.

This reign of terror? That’s for the local news only.

Think about it.

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