Terror paymasters protected by US

His talk rambles, but it’s well worth it

The whistleblower you never heard of

Some whistleblowers have information that’s just a little too hot to handle.

This US Army officer uncovered a global terror banking network – and ended up in jail on trumped up civil charges for his efforts.

I bet you’ve never heard of him – and just about everyone in the government and military wants to keep it that way.

Basic reality check:

Nothing – including terror – happens without logistics and money is the gasoline of logistics.
Scott Bennett knows where the money is held that pays for these operations, but these people below (and many others) want to make sure you never hear his story:

Dov Sakheim, Donna Shalaila, Eric Holder, Booz Allen, the Carlyle Group, the Chertoff group, and of course Obama and Hilary Clinton.

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