Texas shooting coverup

More bullshit from the medical industrial complex

Lying news media, politicians, and cops sink to new lows

Nothing about this Story is being reported accurately

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Brasscheck Audio Commentary

Did you know?

1. The shooter shot his grandmother earlier that day
2. He threatened to shoot up a school on Facebook
3. He walked down the street in broad daylight with a backpack full of ammo and a rifle in hand shooting at people. No cop showed up to stop him.
4. He shot at the school BEFORE he entered it
5. He waltzed into an unlocked back door
6. He was in the building for a full hour while cowardly police handcuffed, pepper sprayed and tasered parents who were outside demanding the police do something. (Federal marshals reportedly handcuffed at least one mother.)

Salty Cracker’s interpretation

I don’t know how this guy manages to stay on YouTube but enjoy him while you can.


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