The Anti-Brasscheck Act

Embed a video, go to jail

Legal eagles, public servants

If more than 10 people view a video you post to your site from YouTube in a 180 day period and that video turns out to be an infringement, three US Senators (named above) would like to put you in jail for five years.

No, I’m not kidding.

They want to turn a minor civil issue into a serious criminal offense.

They want to kill the world of embeded videos.

Otherwise, this is a great law.

Can you imagine the chain of idiocy that had to take place for this law to be put before the Senate?

Someone had to think of it. Someone had to write it down. At least three idiot Senators and their clueless staffs had to think it was worth the time and effort to put forward.

The financial industry has committed a multi-trillion dollar fraud. The TSA is completely out of control and getting worse every day. Corporations have completely corrupted the legislative and legal process…

…And these idiots want you to do hard time for embedding a YouTube video.

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