The art and science of driving a society insane

Introducing the process of “cult formation”

It’s a plan not an accident

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NOTE: We experimented with adding visuals to the introductory portion of this talk.

Does it convey the ideas better than spoken word alone? It seems to.

The challenge is that it is literally 10x to 20x times more expensive in time and money to produce videos this way.

Clearly, with our current budget, we cannot do that, but there may be some cases where we can do occasional short programs like this – but only if we get clear encouragement, verbal and financial, from our readers.

Let us know. Thanks.

Cults…what are they actually?

And how are the psychological techniques used to form authoritarian cults used to mold public attitudes in the US?

Interesting question, eh?

Some answers: Exclusive to Brasscheck. You will find this information nowhere else.

The entire talk


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