The art of crazy making

Jack Ruby put under the control of MK-Ultra doc

The secret program that’s still secret

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Joe Rogan interviews Tom O’Neill on one of the many strange angles to the JFK assassination.

The court appointed a top CIA’s MK-Ultra doctor to “take care” of Jack Ruby.

He took care of him alright…

Two interesting aside in this segment:

1) The CIA contractor “doctor” was an expert in driving people crazy outside of their awareness of what was being done to them. In Ruby’s case, he apparently succeeded. Consider, if this methodology exists on an individual level, who’s to say it doesn’t exist on a societal level?

2) NO ONE who worked in the MK-Ultra program ever disclosed or revealed anything about the work they did.

It was kept completely secret.

The only way we know about it was because of some government documents that were liberated and released to the public.

Think about that.

MK-Ultra: This massive sinister chapter in US history would otherwise be completely unknown.

Think about that the next time some idiot tells you: “People can’t keep secrets.”

People can keep secrets very, very well, especially when they are guilty of crimes against humanity and there is a gun to their heads.

In fact, the records of the program – the size and scope of which is still unknown – were destroyed in 1973, but someone failed to get them all.

149 boxes of “fragmentary” financial data were uncovered in 1977.

The CIA’s own account of how they succeeded in dissuading Congress into looking into only a small handful of the cases revealed in these documents is revealing.

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