The Assassination of John Lennon

The untold story

1 mind control patsy + 1 Mob hitman

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The Official Story

Let’s see…

It’s 1980. There are no cheap air flights. Credit cards are not easily available.

A 25 year old ex-camp counselor and janitor flies from Hawaii to New York City, stays in five star luxury hotels (ex. The Waldorf Astoria), flies to Georgia, back to New York City and then back to Hawaii.

Back in Hawaii, he tells his wife he planned to kill John Lennon, hands her the gun he planned to use and then tells her that he changed his mind.

Then he flies back to New York City and, with no known marksmanship training and an avowed aversion to guns, shoots and kills John Lennon.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Disappearing material witnesses and evidence

The media sure made the wife disappear; and Chapman’s psychiatrist, too.

Did you even know Chapman was married? (What kind of chick marries and stays with a dude like this?)

Did you even know Chapman had been under a psychiatrist’s care for years leading up to the shooting? Whoever he was (and whatever methods he was using), the public never got his name. Funny how that works – over and over again.

Lennon’s autopsy has never been released – though an “autopsy report” was, stating he died of shock and loss of blood.

A big show was made of the fact that Chapman traveled to Georgia (!) to buy hollow point bullets because he could not buy ammunition in NYC (WTF? He never heard of Pennsylvania just an hour and a half away by Greyhound bus?).

Wikipedia disinformation

The Wikipedia article about Chapman claims he worked with refugees through the “YMCA” at Ft. Chafee in Arkansas and that he did “similar” work in Lebanon. This is BS cubed. He worked for the CIA front World Vision.

Amazingly, two years before he visited NYC, this then young twenty-something year old janitor took a world tour which brought him to Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Delhi, Israel, Geneva, Paris and London…in 1978 as a 23 year old…when air fares were sky high…and kids didn’t get credit cards.

Give me a fucking break. The official story about this guy as reinforced by the slime balls at Wikipedia is pure fantasy.

A CIA/Mob collaboration

Chapman is probably a brainwashed patsy who thinks he shot Lennon.

He probably even pointed a gun. (Note: Chapman spent a lot of time working at a hospital “alone in the printing department,” the same hospital that treated him after he attempted suicide.)

There was, quite possibly, another shooter there who got the job done and just calmly walked away as professional hit men do.

Who pulled the trigger?

Well, when the CIA wants to kill people overseas, it uses Special Forces. When it wants to kill them at home, it often uses the Mob with whom it has had a long and fruitful relationship. (They used to know how to keep their mouths shut and provide a kind of “farm team” to locate world class domestic trigger pullers.)

The New York Mob was very familiar with the “use a lunatic as a patsy” routine. They had in fact used the method just a few years earlier in the murder of Joe Colombo when a street hustler was given a gun and pushed into the crowd just as Colombo was shot. The street person, Jerome Johnson who was hired that day by sources unknown to photograph Colombo, was shot dead on the spot. No investigation. No bullet check.

RFK was killed by similar means when a mind control subject was put several feet in front of Kennedy firing a pistol wildly while the killing shot came from close range behind Kennedy.

Misdirection. It’s an old magician’s trick, made easier with the chaos of gunfire and bloodshed.

Anyway, the odds that the media (i.e. CIA) cover story of this murder happened the way they claimed are very, very, very slim.

UPDATE: John Lennon was a major financial underwriter of the publication of the research of Mae Brussell

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