The assassination team

Ed Opperman Interviews Ole Dammegard

“That Bay of Pigs Thing”

Back in 1973, Richard Nixon was tape recorded worrying about the truth coming out about “that Bay of Pigs thing.”

What the heck was he talking about and why was he so worried?

For the first time ever, we answer that question is greater detail than you’ve probably ever heard.

When Nixon was Vice President under Eisenhower, Eisenhower gave him the job of putting together a global assassination team to look after America’s interests.

One of their first projects was providing logistics, training, and intelligence for the Bay of Pigs invasion. When that failed, they went after Castro.

Along the way, they killed a few other folks like John F Kennedy and then his brother Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

The same team of people were involved in all three assassinations as well as countless other murders and “dirty tricks” of various kinds.

Guess who was given the job of paymaster for this team?

Skull and Bones man George Herbert Walk Bush who was, in effect, president from the time Reagan was shot (very early in his first term) though puppet/cokehead Bill Clinton and all the way through the present day Barack Obama puppet/dopefiend.

Get the picture now?

The last 50 years of American history explained.

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