The Bible and immigration

The other side of the story

“Welcoming the stranger in our midst”

Criminals have used the Bible to “justify” all kinds of criminal behavior.

For example, slavery was “justified by the Bible”…by slaveholders and the ministers employed by them.

Now Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III uses a favorite passage in the Good Book among government criminals to justify putting
children as young as four – unaccompanied by their parents in jails converted from former Wal-Marts.

Here’s what the Bible actually says.

For better or worse, the biggest voting block in the US – by far – are self-described “Christians.”

Unfortunately, many of these people are more likely to follow the authoritarian ravings of crooks – Jim Baker is still on TV – than the Bible itself or basic human decency.

For example, the war mongers can always count on them to support ANY war no matter how blatantly corrupt.

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