The bottom line in America today

“Pro-war in every case and all the time”

The endless manufacture of crisis

What’s the bottom line in America today?

Here it is:

If you want to be a a newscaster or reporter in the US, you better be pro-war in every case and all the time.

The recent CNN attack on Jimmy Dore and other people who question war hysteria…

This is the Third “Red Scare” in the last 100 years…

The first one – after WW I – gave J. Edgar Hoover his career and was used to attack civil rights

The second one – after WW II – gave groups like the CIA extraordinary powers, including war waging power in Vietnam.

The third one – after the bogus “War on Terror” – is on now. The goal now is to keep the military-industrial complex humming along and to shut down anyone who questions why our health care, education, and banking systems are in such bad condition.

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