The Building 7 footage you never saw

Now you see it, now you don’t

“They’re concerned about the way the wind is moving” WTF?!

The worst thing that ever happened to the lying, propaganda service known as the “US news media” is home video tape machines.


Because the truth often leaks out in live footage.

In the old days it was, “now you see it, now you don’t.”

Any truths that were inconvenient just disappeared down the memory hole.

Now people record these live reports so we can see the truth.

Here, well in advance of Building 7 ‘collapsing’, the TV news reporter on the scene was basically expecting it to come down.

Wait a minute? Wasn’t the collapse of Building 7 a total shock and out of the control of anyone on the scene?

You’ve got to love this last line:

“They’re concerned about the way the wind is moving”


Were the police afraid the wind was going to blow the building down?

The one good thing that happened around this is that in preparation for pushing the plunger on Building 7, they got people away from it so they didn’t kill even more innocent people.

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