The censorship of “Guns and Butter”

Bonnie Faulkner fails to be “politically correct”

Topics you may not discuss: 9/11, climate change etc.

Her radio home – community-supported “Free Speech Radio” KPFA – threw her off the air after 17 years.

Their reasons: 1) she’s a “conspiracy theorist” and 2) she’s a “climate change denier.”

“Climate change from carbon” people do not brook any opposition. Why? It’s a scientific issue. Not a political one.

Do they not see the banks lining up to start a market for “carbon credits?”

Do they not see the obvious media manipulation?

You access Bonnie’s work directly here:

One of her shows that “they” don’t want you to hear:

Myths, Lies, Oil and Climate Wars – F. William Engdahl, #398

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