The CIA-visa fraud that preceded 9/11

“Shut up, do your job and ask no questions”

The “Visa Express” program – for terrorists

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Did you know that the CIA ordered US officials to give visas to unqualified people from terrorist countries to enter the US – to be trained as terrorists?

Here’s the detailed story straight from the horse’s mouth.

Business as usual.

The CIA has the ability to shut down drug investigations and prosecutions – and does so frequently to protect its “assets.”

The CIA can also order visa offices to give visas to ANYONE regardless of their background or the country they come from.

Remember the so-called “underwear bomber” who was let on a plane to the US without a passport? He’s the reason everyone who wants to fly has to submit to an untested radiation screening flogged by the former head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff.

The airline was forced to take the undocumented passenger by “a well-dressed man in a suit” who has yet to be identified.

Michael Chertoff: The engineer behind the scam


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