The Commerce Prevention Department

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What does all this BS cost?

I wonder if anyone has made any attempt to calculate what “Homeland Security” costs the US every year?

I’m not talking about the vast surplus of lay-about cops who have no legitimate purpose for their lives or the billions upon billions of dollars in bogus equipment.

I’m talking about interrupted business, added costs and just plain lost revenue.

I for one stopped flying in 2010…Four flights I would have taken since then…round trips to Toronto, to Florida, to New Orleans and to LA. Cancelled. Not taken. That’s a few thousand dollars right there plus the losses to local hotels and restaurants.

Multiply that by hundreds of thousands of travelers (millions?)

And what about the foreigners who’ve decided that the Caribbean is a better bet than dealing with the assholes who work in the Florida airports? Or that the US is not worth the hassle to visit (an ever growing number.)

But who cares, right? It’s just commerce.

What really matters is lifetime employment for steroid pumped morons, criminally minded bureaucrats like Michael Chertoff and weapons makers (who are all cashing in on the “Homeland Security” craze.)

We’ll survive the Wall Street-induced collapse of the financial system, but I don’t think we’ll survive this…a government that can only focus on one thing: harassing its citizens.

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