The cost of failing infrastructure

Did Detroit lie to Flint, Michigan about it water use?

The city of Flint residents are not people that are disposable

After the city started using the Flint River as a source for drinking water in April 2014, by decree of Michigan Governor, Gary Snyder, Flint residents endured several months of irritating health problems, including hair loss and rashes.

For years, the community of Flint had sourced its water from Lake Huron by purchasing it from Detroit. Then a temporary switch was enacted by Governor Snyder and Flint residents were forced back to the use of river water.

But Governor Snyder of Michigan never put adequate controls in place to protect the aging plumbing infrastructure throughout Flint. The river water then started to eat away at the pipes. As a result, lead from the pipes leached into the water and worked its way into people’s homes, impregnating their diets and their bodies.

The people of Flint have suffered unimaginable health problems, emotional distress, and financial loss. They have been forced to drink lead contaminated water.

As the tragedy of the Flint water-contamination crisis leaks out to the world, Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder and his staff have worked hard to downplay, spin, ignore and outright lie about the problems, which stem from disastrous choices by the state and the governor’s emergency manager appointee to cut off Flint’s use of Detroit water.

Will any of the government officials responsible be held liable?

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