The criminal enterprise known as the NFL

A little bit about the reality of football

Playground for organized crime

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You want to know who is most likely to win the Super Bowl?

Figure out which team would be the biggest political/show biz win for the league.

This program ran once, back in the 1980s when there used to be a semblance of real journalism on TV.

Jessica Savitch, the young woman who produced the program, died in a fatal one-car car accident after it was aired.

If this seems far fetched, recall that Clint Murchison, Sr. – an apparent player in the Kennedy assassination – owned the Dallas Cowboys.

Murchison owned the Del Charro Hotel in La Jolla, California; a favorite watering hole for J. Edgar Hoover, who never paid a bill there.

Other favorite guests included: Richard Nixon, John Connally, Lyndon B. Johnson, Meyer Lansky, Santos Trafficante, Johnny Rosselli, Sam Giancana and Carlos Marcello.



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