The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) scam

A corporate front group pretending to stand up for privacy

Government surveillance bad/Corporate surveillance good

Have you ever heard of the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) scam?

Have you ever given them money?

Stop. Here’s why.

Like many scams, including the early Wired Magazine, the EFF was hatched out of The Well and the people who clustered around Stewart Brand, a US army officer-turned traveling hippie-turned LSD promoter-turned computer surveillance champion.

Bottom line: EFF is a corporate front group posing as a civil liberties group.

They pretend to care about your privacy, but if you’re a corporation then they think surveillance is a great idea. Their goal is to run interference for Silicon Valley abuses.

Their motto: “Whatever is good for our sponsors – Google, Facebook etc. – is good for America.”

What’s the real “business” of the Internet?

For-profit surveillance and influence – and your privacy and mind are the product.

Do not give EFF money. Do not support them. Let Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple etc. pay their own lobbying bills.

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