The Epstein passport explained

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Looks like Epstein was an intelligence asset

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The news media is going to do everything possible to deflect your attention from this basic fact:

Epstein’s Austrian passport with a home address in Saudi Arabia is a MAJOR smoking gun.

Why is it a smoking gun?

This was a real working passport issued by a foreign government.

Who is able to get passports issued at will – legally or illegally?

The passport was used. It had multiple visas. It was not a decoy to protect him from terrorists. And there is no legal way to get one for that purpose anyway.

He used it to travel from Europe to and from Saudi Arabia.

The passport says he had a home in Saudi Arabia. Did he?

Maybe the lazy news media will check the address out.

If he had a home in Saudi Arabia, what was it for?

We know what he did in his homes in New York City, Florida and the Virgin Islands. You think he might have been doing the same in Saudi Arabia?

But why Saudi Arabia?

1) There is big money there
2) The country’s rulers are notorious perverts
3) At least two countries – the US and Israel – would have a keen interest in knowing what’s going on in Saudi Arabia and having dirt on people there

Blonde haired teenagers from Florida would have been a great door opener to rich Saudis.

Was he there to scam them, procure for and party with them or spy on them – or all three?

One thing I guarantee: This Jewish boy from Brooklyn was not in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s for the scenery or the nightlife.


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